2015 Recruiting: The Year of the Blind Date

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Well it seems, the eHarmony matching logic will soon be applied to the love people and companies are looking for in each other! WOW… A little bit scary if you ask us!

Like the article mentions, it will match want people want – it is not going to be a problem fixer.  People in our team at Resource Central (me included) are a little wary of behavioural profiling tools – when they are over relied upon or misused – this can and has happened when organisations are looking for a quick fix to a volume selection problem or they have not correctly been trained in use of the tools they choose.

eHarmony do have a track record in one market, all be it a lot smaller than the market they are looking at now.. We hope it proves a valuable tool in helping good people find great jobs!.. here’s a short summary then to check it out just follow the links.

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When I was asked recently for my thoughts on what 2015 will bring for talent acquisition, I responded: dating.

Partly, I just couldn’t get myself to repeat the endless series of annual predictions proliferating around the Internet: the year of the mobile, social, collaboration, telecommuting, people are important, blah, blah, yadda, yada. But, truly, this will be the year when the vendor talked about for years as a potential entrant into the recruiting game will finally … Check Out the Full Story

By Todd Raphael

Via:: http://www.ere.net/2015/01/08/2015-recruiting-the-year-of-the-blind-date/


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