Are Your Recruitment Advertising & Referral Programs Any Good?

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Maybe you can be inspired by these recent award winners?

Some of the team at Resource Central can remember the time when recruitment advertising was all about getting the best quarter page position top left or top right corner on the front or back page of the main local broadsheet job advertising weekly pull-out.  This, along with a great title and tag line, would get you the best ad response for your jobs.

Back then, the idea of creating a formal process for job referrals was not even a concept (though we should have realised that some of the best companies already had an organic, all be it informal, employee referral process in place).  Why – because the company was a great place to work!…. Ah, how all that has changed!

With the many changes in speed and access to information we now have, we can apply best practice thinking when it comes to presenting your recruiting message to your niche talent groups.

There is no reason why you should not be…

  • Going mobile!
  • Building brand advocates and applying great referral programs to make better hires!
  • Making your recruitment advertising campaigns imaginative and engaging!

Don’t just take our word on this, check out some of the creative excellence award winners showcased this week on ERE .net

Employee Stars, Imaginative Campaigns, and Cool Referral Programs Highlight the Best in Recruitment Advertising

Apac Davenport

Here are some lessons we can draw from the best and most creative recruitment advertising, which you can use to improve your own recruiting in 2015.  All of the below are from the Creative Excellence Awards.  … Read on. (more…)

… Check Out the Full Story

By Jody Ordioni



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