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New Job Board launched to attract diverse talent.

We hope everyone in the Talent and HR professions understand and value diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.  If you do, then you carry the responsibility to ensure that your organisation develops EVP and EB propositions that reflect your commitment to recruiting talent from all candidate communities.

There can be historical reasons (some economic, some custom-and-convention and some institutional-related) that challenge companies to balance their business goals with effective inclusive and diverse hiring and engagement strategies.

So it’s nice to see young entrepreneurs out there, like the two ex-Goldman Sachs employees who have set up their own job board to help companies source and select from minority groups (http://www.jopwell.com/).  They are getting serious traction for those diverse talent communities and have some big brand partners such as Facebook, McKinsey & Company, MasterCard and Abercrombie & Fitch.  Check out our short summary from ERE.Net below, or link to the full article below.

Goldman Sachs Alums Launch Site for Minority Recruiting

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Two ex-Goldman Sachs employees are launching a new site for recruiting minorities.

Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams of Jopwell have already gotten interest from some big-name firms like Facebook and McKinsey.

Jopwell is offering a searchable pool of minority candidates, with detailed profiles on each. Right now, it’s defining minority as Black, Hispanic, and Native American. It also has company profiles and a platform for communicating with candidates.

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By Todd Raphael

Via:: http://www.ere.net/2015/01/15/goldman-sachs-alums-launch-site-for-minority-recruiting/

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