US Temporary Workers In High Demand.

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US Companies to dramatically increase Contract and Temp Agency workers in 2015.

If you have worked in the Talent Sector across many International markets, like much of the team here at Resource Central, you will know that (internationally) there are some key differences in the geo-local market conditions – and how you operate and apply talent solutions in those localised markets, (even though the basic overriding principles are the same or similar).

One such difference can be found between the UK/European and US markets, specifically in the relationship between local Employers and Recruitment firms.  US companies have always been far less motivated to rely on Recruitment Firms than their peers in Western Europe and the UK.  European and UK Companies are used to working with Recruiting firms to hire both volume and business critical skills.  Only in more recent times has Europe and the UK moved towards the in-house corporate hiring strategies practised for much longer in the US.

We all know the reasons for this: with both Cost Reduction and long term branded Talent engagement being the core factors. Simply put, given the global economic recession’s impact, organisations in all the global markets have needed to adapt business strategies to suit current conditions

One growing adaptation in the US is an increasing reliance on Recruitment Agencies – and the need for these firms to supply them with Contract and Temporary workers.  Forecasts for this quarter alone are being quoted at a 10.5% increase on YTD figures (that’s over 130,000 more temporary workers than last year).  For further details and the full article by John Zappe on ERE’s Recruiting Daily, check out the link to the featured post.  

Employers Forecast to Increase Use of Temp Agencies By 10.5%

Staffing agency employment has been among the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy for the last several years. Since the recession’s official end in June 2009, the industry has added 1.24 million new jobs, 12.3 percent of all new private sector jobs created.Palmer 2015

Now comes a prediction from the staffing and human capital consulting firm of G. Palmer and Associates that temp employment will grow 10.5 percent this quarter over last year. That translates … Check Out the Full Story

By John Zappe


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